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Do you ever dream of getting monthly sales notifications coming in on autopilot?
Think it is too complicated? Or it takes too much time? Think again!

Dear Future Membership Site Owner,

Owning a membership site is not only a great way to make money online, but it is also a source of security because that money is STABLE INCOME. Members are automatically rebilled month after month until they cancel their membership.

You find a customer ONCE and they continue spending
money with you over and over again on autopilot.

Knowing the residual income from these memberships is coming in each month gives you a sense of security and comfort. And when you setup a "fixed term" membership (also known as an "autoresponder membership") then you truly "set it and forget it". You can work on OTHER PROJECTS to get additional streams of income while the membership site is all but self-supporting.

DEFINITION: "Fixed Term Membership"

A "fixed-term membership site" (FTM) consists of content shared via autoresponders to paid members for a specified period of time.

In a nutshell, here's what you do in running your own FTM site...

1) Write ONE article or report per week or month.

2) Load this to an auotresponder for subscribers to access.

3) Sell access to the series, which would last for 3 - 6 - 9 or 12 months.

Fixed-term membership sites are great because you can set them up once and they run on autopilot. Additionally, members generally stay active (paying you!) members LONGER because there is an specific, fixed period for the membership. Other membership sites that NEVER END tend to have a lower retention (members cancel ... you stop getting paid!).

Two Fantastic Models That Work Like Crazy...

To give you a great look at how "fixed term" memberships work (and how you can BUY your own such membership with Membership To Go), let me point to a couple of very successful sites as case studies...

CASE STUDY #1: Membernaire.com (Weekly FTM)

Membernaire.com is the site which started the whole "fixed term" craze. In fact, I made up the phrase "fixed term membership" when I launched the site. Members of the site get a WEEKLY training lesson delivered by autoresponder every week that teaches them how to setup their own FTM site in whatever niche they choose. Each week's lesson builds upon those that came before it.

This is a 12-month membership ... which means members get a total of 52 weekly lessons. Each lesson averages from 8-20 pages in length and covers the subject of starting, running and growing a "fixed term" membership site. Members pay $27 per month for a total of $324 per year per member! Retention rate is extremely high and at one point I had more than 1,500 members.

CASE STUDY #2: Traffic-Fuel.com (Monthly FTM)

Traffic-Fuel is a site in which I teach members different methods of generating completely free website traffic. Members of this site get a MONTHLY training lesson delivered by autoresponder every week. Each month's lesson does NOT build upon those that came before it but rather teaches a completely different free traffic method than previously taught.

This is a 12-month membership ... which means members get a total of 12 monthly lessons. Each lesson is averages from 25-40 pages in length and covers various subjects related to getting visitors to any site without spending a penny. Members pay $20 per month for a total of $240 per year per member! Retention rate is extremely high - especially since I mixed in quarterly bonus issues at no additional cost.

Do you see how you can setup one of these "fixed term" memberships to either provide weekly content or monthly content, to either build upon the previous lessons or share independent standalone lessons?

These are extremely popular offers. There is no question that you should have one of your own. And I'm about to hand you one that is primed and ready to "GO!"

The Ultimate "Shortcut" To Your Site...

Obviously, putting together a complete fixed-term membership site can take some time.
That's where Membership To Go comes in to give you the ultimate shortcut!

Just a few months ago I prepared The IM Report - a 12 month fixed term membership site related to starting and running an internet business. Keyword is "prepared". I setup the site completely (loaded all 12 monthly lessons, setup the salesletter and order links) and was ready to go.

Then, I got busy with other projects. While I sold a few memberships due to people visiting my main site and seeing a link to it, I never got around to actively promoting the membership. In fact, I don't think I ever sent a single mailing to my lists to let them know of it's availability.

It is an EXCELLENT course which includes the following lessons...

Issue #1: How To Get Your First Affiliate Sale In The Next 7 Days (26 pages)

Issue #2: The Simple Way To Build A Long-Term Affiliate Business (20 pages)

Issue #3: 27 Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs At Your Blog (38 pages)

Issue #4: 3 Ways To Turn Ezine Articles Into Autopilot Income Streams (23 pages)

Issue #5: How To Write A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results (26 pages)

Issue #6: How To I.M.P.R.O.V.E. Your Information Writing (28 pages)

Issue #7: How To Make Money Offline In Your Hometown (21 pages)

Issue #8: 101 Ways To Build Your Business With Business Cards (22 pages)

Issue #9: How To Create Your Own Mini-Membership Site (24 pages)

Issue #10: How To Get Fresh Site Visitors Without Buying Ads (23 pages)

Issue #11: 8 Ways To Get Top Affiliates To Promote Your Offer (18 pages)

Issue #12: How To Promote Your Offer With Free Webinars (23 pages)

Issue #13: (Bonus) How To Get Your Customers To Spend More Money (20 pages)

One of the reports (#9) was not originally part of The IM Report, but I added it into the mix to complete the course. Members pay $20 per month for a total of $240 for the series.

As you can see, this is a very good selection of issues. It's a great set of reports for anyone wanting to get started in "internet marketing". Starting an internet business is a very, very popular topic and the market is HUGE with lots of potential.

With the Membership To Go package you'll get PLR ("private label rights") licensing to the entire membership site: issues, salesletter, marketing materials and more!

It's All Ready To "GO!"

The PLR package for this course includes everything you need to get your own membership site up and running. You'll receive...

  • All 12 issues of The IM Report in editable .doc format (plus the BONUS issue for a total of 13 issues) - over 300 pages of meaty content that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profit!

  • A profesionally written salesletter with graphics already fully formatted in .HTML. (To preview the salesletter, Click Here.)

  • A presell report to give away to promote your membership site, 10 Ways To Make $10K Per month. This is a 24 page report that not only is a perfect way to promote your membership but also can be used to promote an additional NINE other offers of your choosing (either your own or affiliate programs) to create multiple streams of income!

  • A set of three high quality ezine articles to use in promoting the membership site. These include: How To Start A Successful Internet Business In 7 Steps, Five Keys To Being More Productive At Your Home Business, and 4 Keys To Getting Started With An Online Business.

  • A ready-to-go solo mailing to use in driving traffic to your membership site - written by yours truly. I know how to get people to respond to offers via email, and this one will do just that.

  • Three "must-have" accessories: a download page template and autoresponder email template that you can use for each of the 12 issues of The IM Report (or whatever name you decide to call your membership), plus an optin form page that members will complete after they join your membership site to be added to the member autoresponder list.

And, most importantly…

Everything you need to get started immediately is included. This is a very rare opportunity to get PLR licensing to a world class membership site. Very rare.

Spend Just 90 Minutes Setting Up And

Start Collecting $20 Payments...

If you know how to setup an order link, edit a webpage, upload files and load messages to an autoresponder, then you should have no problem getting your own membership site up and running in 90 minutes or less.

SIDEBAR: No training is provided for setting up your membership site. This offer is for a PLR package to The IM Report only.

The steps are easy...

1) Determine the name of your membership site and register the domain (optional).

2) Edit the lessons to reflect your membership name and other personal details.

3) Setup an order link at Paypal, Clickbank or your favorite order processor.

4) Create a download page for each of the 12 issues by editing the provided template.

5) Add your name, membership name and order link to the provided salesletter.

6) Insert member mailings for the issues to your favorite autoresponder sequence.

7) Input your autoresponder form into the provided page.

8) Upload all of the files to your website.

9) Test the entire order process to make sure everything works properly.

10) Do a mailing to your list and start promoting your new membership site.

Of Course, This Is A Great Idea To...

You don't have to use the content for a "fixed term membership" site ... there are many other things you can do with the 300 pages of content if you want to go in a completely different direction!

With your PLR license you can...

  • Sell the content as a 12-month "fixed term" membership site for $20 per month (or whatever price you choose) for an instant residual income stream.

  • Sell the content as a comprehensive course as an "instant download" for $97-$147.

  • Use portions of the content to create a multiple-week "eclass" that you charge $297-$997.

  • Sell the 13 reports individually for $20-$27 each to create an entire funnel of ofers.

  • Use the content to create a "physical" product - a complete home study course - that you sell for a premium price.

  • Convert the content into audios, videos, traditional membership site content, viral reports, ezine articles, etc. to use as incentives and more.

  • Create your own original product from it, set it up at a site and "flip" the site for megabucks.

  • Rework the content to create reprint rights products that you can sell for a much higher price.

This is a huge amount of content (over 300 pages!) so the possibilities for what you do with it to make money from it are broad. If you know how to sell products online, it's almost impossible for you to not make money from it.

Amazing Price: Get The PLR Package For Around
The Same Price As The Personal Use Version!

The membership site itself sells for $20 per month X 12 months for a total of $240. You'd spend $240 just to access the materials for your own personal use. That doesn't any include right to sell or share the issues ... it's strictly for an individual to acccess for their own education.


When you buy the Membership To Go package you will get PLR (private label rights) to the entire course and it's marketing package for just a few dollars more than the regular version. While there is no doubt I could charge 4-5X the regular price for this special PLR version ($997-$1297) and I would get plenty of sales, it's not going to cost you anywhere near that.

For only $297 you can get PLR licensing to sell an unlimited amount of memberships!

Regular personal use only version = $240
Private label rights (PLR) version = $297

Buy a license for a one-time fee of $297 and you can sell as many $240 memberships as you can at no additional cost or royalty.

Sell Just Two Memberships And You'll Almost Double Your Profit!

Do you agree that the Membership To Go PLR package is your ticket to quickly setting up a membership site to get monthly sales coming in? And do you agree that you can't beat the price... sell just two memberships and you've almost doubled your investment.

Then, order the Membership To Go package right now.

First 150 Only!

Amazing Fast-Action BONUS!

Membernaire 12-Month Membership - A Real $324 Value

My Membernaire membership sells for $324 at Membernaire.com (12 monthly installments of $27 per month) and is THE step-by-step course for creating fixed-term membership sites.

It's a perfect complement to the Membership To Go package because it will show you exactly how to setup and market your package!

*** Offer Subject To Removal Without Warning -Fast Action Only ***
Once It Has Been Removed There Are No Exceptions!

Get your complete Memberhship To Go package and the entire Membernaire course now!

When you do, you are backed by our "100%" money back guarantee. If you're not 100% thrilled with the package then I'll return 100% of your money. Just email me anytime during the next 45 days and you'll receive a full credit.

However, let me be frank with you. If you are already thinking, "if this doesn't work out for me, then I'll just get my money back" -- this probably isn't the offer for you. It would likely be better if you don't order at all. This course is for serious marketers who KNOW they can make money from this fantastic PLR offer. It is for a special group of people who WILL sell more than enough to earn back their investment.

It's not for beginners. It's not for serial refunders. It's not for people who expect to get something for nothing. It's strictly for those who are thinking to themselves right now, "I can't believe I'm getting such a deal here ... I'll be making money from this for a long time!"

If that sounds like you, grab your copy of Membership To Go right now...

This special offer is going out to 400,000+ subscribers from my own list, jv partners, and marketing friends. Reserve your license now before it's sold-out.

I want the entire PLR package (all 13 lessons, salesletter, marketing materials)
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You will receive the Membership To Go package instantly, right after your payment.

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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